Get information about the treatment methods we use for prostate infection and diseases.


Get information about the treatments we use for bladder diseases.

World Urology Center

About WUC

Whether you are seeking routine preventive care, diagnostic evaluations, or advanced treatment options for complex urological conditions, you can trust the World Urology Center to deliver excellence in urological care.

Our World Urology Center has been serving domestic and international patients for more than 30 years in Istanbul, one of the most developed cities in the field of health in Turkey.

At our center, we prioritize not only the physical well-being of our patients but also their emotional comfort and peace of mind, ensuring a holistic approach to healing and recovery.

Why Choose WUC?

Specialized Doctors

You can recover your prostate, bladder and kidney diseases thanks to professional urologist and nephrologist who have been working in this field for years.

Innovative Treatment Options

We offer innovative medical treatments and renew our medical devices according to the treatment purposes by following the technology moment by moment.

24/7 Contact

Our domestic and international patients can contact us anytime they want!

Language Support

In addition to English, we also offer support in other languages. With our language support, we aim to make every patient feel at home.

VIP & Accommodation

With our VIP transport service, we host you in our most comfortable hotels during the treatment process.

Competitive Price Opportunities

Thanks to affordable price advantages, every patient is treated with care. Health is for everyone.